Supporting Institutions

  • UIT

Urban Improvement Trust Bharatpur

The trust was established by the Government in the year 1981 to achieve its objectives, under Rajasthan Urban Improvement Act 1959. It is responsible for overall development of Bharatpur The trust has been headed by the Public Chairman as well as District Collector with a secretary as executive officer. It consists govt. officials & nominated public persons as trustees.

  • Design Urban Pattern
  • Plan the Future of the City
  • Improve the existing situation in planned manner
  • Utilize the urban land in the best manner
  • Acquire the land for urban development
  • Plan residential and commercial schemes

  • Forest Department

Total area of the forest in district is 30336 hectares, which is nearly about 6.43% of the total area of the district. These forests are largely confined in the southern parts of the district . The forests in this district are dry deciduous is nature. Mainly on Anogeissus pendula (dhok or dhoo), acacia, catechu (khair) . Large dry area of the district is also covered with the forests of Acacia nilotica locally called Babul.

The Keoladev National bird Sanctuary popularly known in Ghana is a dense forest covering the area of 29 Sq. Kms. The topography of the bird Sanctuary is mostly low laying and became like a lake in the rainy season.

The Keoladev Ghana bird Sanctuary is famous for ducks, goose, Teals, Pain tails, Siberian, cranes, pleicame and many other breeds of birds migrated to this area during winter. Local birds in the area mainly are egerls, painted storks, I biases cormorants, saras cranes, spoon bills and open billed storks and weaver birds etc. Migratory birds flock here in July/August on the marshes and low laying trees. They breed here till October/November.


Work in Bharatpur in various sectors by RUIDP :-

Water Supply:

The work includes laying of pipelines 192.72 Km, construction of 11 nos water reservoirs, 2 nos pumping station and 12000 house connections etc.

Waste Water:

The work includes laying of 74.37 km sewer lines, construction of 8 MLD sewerage treatment plant (STP) and 1 no sewerage pumping station.

Solid Waste:

The work includes Development of sanitary landfill site.

Fire Station:

The work includes construction of fire station.


Construction of storm water drainage systems at Ramnagar, Domora, kali bagichi to Golbag at  Bharatpur. The work includes laying of drains of 5.37 km.


The Rajasthan Police is the law enforcement agency for the state of Rajasthan in India. The Rajasthan Police has its headquarters in Jaipur, the state capital.

The motto of the force is Sevarth Katibaddhta, which means Committed to serve. Bharatpur District Police organization- Know Bharatpur Police Organization Click...